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“Barbara is a consummate professional who has served educators worldwide through her efforts as a leader in online professional development. Her work building a network of innovative leaders through is inspirational, and her writing and collaborative work with other leaders in online education has been exemplary, setting a standard for all of us to follow.

Most importantly in my mind, Barbara’s caring and demonstrated emotional intelligence makes her a critical colleague to know in education. I heartily recommend Barbara for any opportunity which she is seeking, and I am glad to answer further question on her behalf as you consider her candidacy.”
~ Walter MacKenzie, Director of Constituent Services, ASCD

“It is indeed a pleasure to give this endorsement to Barbara Bray. We have worked together  for over 20 years in the K-12 Education Technology Market thru out the USA conducting Key Note, Invited Featured Speaker, Personalized Learning and workshops. Barbra has the highest respect of our Industry. She has always received the most outstanding reviews. Barbara has an amazing dedication, sincerity and enthusiasm all the years I have known her.

Based on her writings, coaching, presentations, networking, consulting, and big ideas on “Its all about the learner”. I highly recommend you consider getting involved with her and her organization.”
~ Perry Reeves, Director of K-20 Education Marketing, Pioneer Electronics Inc.

“Barbara is a well-respected professional developer and creative leader in the field of educational technology. Her blog, Rethinking Learning, has initiated and provoked educators in exploring ideas to transform education with the learner in mind. She coined the phrase “Making Learning Personal” over a decade ago where she envisioned personalizing learning as the key element to move every learner forward. I met Barbara a few years ago and we immediately connected. We are collaborating on a publication on personalizing learning and co-presenting at several conferences on this topic. I would highly recommend Barbara on any initiative or project that calls for a creative approach to teaching and learning with the use of tools.”
~ Kathleen McClaskey, President EdTech Associates

“First and foremost Barbara is a people person. As a result, every teacher that worked with her felt valued and understood. That meant they were able to take away powerful experiences from their interactions with her. She continually surprises me with her depth of understanding of the shifting landscape of education – whether we are talking assessment, PBL, technology, differentiation, professional development models, whatever is on the table, she has a great understanding AND instinct for doing it right!”
~ Mark Hines, Technology Coach, Mid Pacific Institute, Honolulu, HI

“Barbara, is a passionate, compassionate 21st Century Education Technologist-Problem Solver. Using My eCoach as a foundation, Barbara, has worked tirelessly to solve the Educational Technology problems of students and teachers by providing timely, innovative, technology solutions for teaching and learning projects. The Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction Enhancing Education Through Technology Federal Grant-Math project can point to Barbara’s solutions in My eCoach as one of the most successful components of this National program. We highly recommend Barbara for your next project!”
~ James L. Smith, Federal Program Mgr, OSPI

“Barbara Bray is extremely dedicated to helping teachers use tools to motivate their students. As a professional developer and writer on that subject, Barbara understands adult learning principles and instructional design to build learning environments that engage and motivate learners of all age. Personally, Barbara is a very easy person with whom to work and a great partner.”
~ Dawn Colavita, Director Communications, CILC

“Barbara is a dynamo; that is she generates ideas, energy, solutions, and has a magnetic personality that draws the best out of people she comes in contact with. Well respected by clients and the greater education community, she combines humor with customized content for power-packed presentations that can leave your head spinning with a BIG smile.” 
~ Kurt Larsen, Director, Principal Investigator, WestEd

“The education world has benefited greatly from Barbara contributions for many years, because she has all the “right stuff” — passion for her work, a creative mind, tireless effort and high commitment. I look forward to working with Barbara on future projects.”
~ Yvonne Marie Andres, CEO, President & Founder, Global SchoolNet

“Wow! Simply being around Barbara Bray is like having a strong IV of inspiration!! She is one tremendous lady who has an effervescent exuberance about what she does — and she carries that over into the ways she “courts” other people to recognize that they have talents unpolished. So, she offers herself, willingly, to come alongside that person and coaches us as we become better people. I have had numerous opportunities to work with Barbara and to encounter her at national/international conferences. She always greets me with that winning “Bette Midler” smile, making me feel as though she’s been waiting all that time just to see me. Moreover, I’ve watched her treat countless others the same way. Yes, I can easily recommend Barbara Bray for your projects or activities. You will always be glad you selected her!”
~ Dr. Larry Anderson Founder/CEO, National Center for Technology Planning

“While I’d been acquainted professionally with Barbara for many years, I became truly aware of her talent and skills when I decided to have TICAL contract with My eCoach to provide online tools for our professional learning community of K-12 school leaders. She bent over backward to meet our needs. She’s smart, dedicated, and genuine. I look forward to future opportunities to work together.”
~ Michael Simkins, past Director, TICAL

“Barbara is a creative designer and fantastic educator. She is dedicated to helping teachers make a difference in the classroom. She has built an amazing company and aggregated content that teachers use on a daily basis.”
~ Barbara Kushan, Executive Director, Curriki

“Barbara is truly a leader of teachers especially in the use of technology. She is committed to the purpose and vision of my-eCoach. She brings a tremendous amount of energy and continues to grow in her own knowledge of how the technology can support teachers and ultimately prepare students to be productive citizens in the 21st Century. Barbara is persistent and truly dedicated to her role in the profession.”
~ Daniel Moirao, Project Lead & Executive coach, PIVOT Learning Partners

“It is an honor to count Barbara as a friend – and a colleague on the mission to improve schools. She is tremendously bright spirit lighting the way for others. Her intuitive knowledge of what works in the classroom guides her and her team in helping integrate technology – not only into the current classroom – but into the future classrooms that are emerging. With Barbara’s dedication and wisdom, those kind of responsive, creative, innovative “classrooms of the future” will emerge faster – helping all students navigate their true potential.”
~ Peter H. Reynolds, Founder, FableVision

“Barbara makes a difference to the educators she works with because she understands their needs and helps them act on them. I would high recommend her as a coach who makes a difference.”
~ Julie Duffield, WestEd

“Barbara Bray is the consummate professional educator. Her passion for excellence with my eCoach has made it the best tool for teachers. There is simply nothing out there like this and it has been the platform for BAFLP’s (Bay Area Foreign Language Project) unit plan development and teacher training workshops over the past two years. Barbara always is willing to discuss process improvements and ways my eCoach can be tailored to any situation. Barbara is personable and given her numerous responsibilities and roles its amazing that she still responds to all e-mails and phone calls in less than 24 hours. Her sense of possibilities is contagious and you always feel you can do more and be more after talking with Barbara”
~ Marcelo Leal, Teacher Leader, BAFLP

“Barbara thinks deeply about what really works in the classroom and how to help teachers be more effective.”
~ Lee Wilson, Principal, Headway Strategies

“I have actually known and worked with Barbara for at least 15 years. She is an extremely motivated and talented person. She built My eCoach from the ground up and has influenced thousands of teachers through it. Barbara does not give up ever, but is always looking for new ways to do things and to learn.”
~ Janice Friesen, Area Instructional Specialist, eMINTS

“Barbara consistently hits the target in providing professional development to educators. Her content expertise, creative enthusiasm, and responsiveness to participant needs makes her an ideal presenter. She takes the time to determine a client’s needs and aligns resources and strategies to match. Long before Web 2.0, My eCoach was providing an online community to engage technology-using educators. It continues to be a high quality go-to site for teachers.”
~ Bonnie Marks, past Director, CTAP IV

“Barbara is simply amazing. She goes out of her way to help in any way that she can and has an awesome repertoire of abilities. My eCoach is the top of the line in education tools. It combines all the best of Web 2.0 in one great, easy to use package. I will always want Barbara on my TEAM to assure success! The Global Association for Teaching Excellence depends on her expertise in so many ways. I am proud to recommend her and her work without reservation. Teresa Roebuck President Global Association for Teaching Excellence” November 9, 2009
~ Teresa Roebuck, President and Owner, Global Association for Teaching Excellence

“Barbara is a true visionary, with the energy and dedication to turn what she sees so clearly into practical reality. She has built an educational resource with tremendous capabilities in a short time. The network of coaches she has trained and worked with ably carry forward her work, and the services available through the online platform she has built create a unique environment for supporting professional development that works–that is, that results in truly student-centered, project-based, standards-aligned education for students. The free filtered image search and respository she provides is a true community service. Thanks, Barb!”
~ Fred Mindlin, coach, My eCoach

“Barbara is one of those mission-driven education leaders that inspires all who meet her. Her vision and keen insights combine to make Barbara one of the very special individuals I am so pleased to have in my network of colleagues.”
~ Ruth Blankenbaker, Executive Director, CILC

“Barbara has incredible vision and amazing ingenuity. My eCoach is a result of this and proves time and time again to be the fabric holding teams, collaboration, and partnership together. I highly recommend Barbara as a keynote, professional developer, and eCoach for her visioning skills and facilitation techniques far exceed others.” August 27, 2009
~ Sara Zimmerman, Owner/Artist/Designer, Sara Zimmerman Art, Illustration & Design

“On My eCoach Barbara has created a remarkable collection of digital tools for educators and business people for use to construct websites, projects, resources and more. My eCoach also affords us the opportunity to develop learning teams for collaboration, professional development, and other functions of community. You must visit and try My eCoach at”
~ Russ Knopp, teacher, Waitsburg School District

“My eCoach has provided the portal for our AB 430 training at the San Diego County Office of Education for 3.5 years. We love the access to many tools (all in one place). Simple, easy to navigate and a wonderful way to engage our principals and vice principals in an online learning community. I can never go back to training without this tool again!” February 16, 2009
~ Cynthia Chandler, Owner, Chandler Consulting and Training

“Barbara exemplifies the dedicated education professional. In addition to being one of the most energetic and creative individuals I’ve ever met, she has the resolve and intelligence to make sure that every teacher, and subsequent student, she meets succeeds. She possesses a caring spirit, a phenomenal understanding of educational technology and its applications, and an uncanny ability to share that knowledge and expertise with others in a manner that is as fun as it is comprehensive. She makes it exciting to be an educator!” July 11, 2007
~ Tim Barshinger, Director of Educational Programming, IDSolutions

“Barbara has been a regular columnist for the Computer-Using Educators journal, OnCUE, for a number of years, even before I came on as Editor in 2004. She is consistently a major and valued contributor to our journal, bringing her years of experience in the field, and offering interesting ideas and suggestions. I very much appreciate her ongoing willingness to write, and her thoughtful contributions on a variety of themes.”
~Sara Armstrong, Sara Armstrong Consulting

“Barbara is a true visionary who tirelessly shares resources with the global community and challenges perceived viewpoints to make a difference where it counts. Since 2000, she writes professional development tips with and the educational technology community that go beyond what is expected of her. Her company, My eCoach, reflects her passion of helping teachers and students so they have the resources and tools they need to meet their learning goals. It is a pleasure to work with Barbara and try to keep up with her innovative ideas.”
~ Gwen Solomon, Director,, Technology & Learning