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2/24-2/25/18: 5Sigma Conference, Kickoff Keynote on Learner Agency, Anastasis Academy, Centennial, CO

3/5-3/8/18: SXSW EDU, Future20 presentation on Passion and Purpose: What is your Why? 3/5, Austin, TX

3/14/18-3/17/18: CUE Conference, Build Your Toolkit So Learners Develop Agency and Become Future Ready. Session 7: Friday 12:30-1:30, Palm Springs, CA

6/24-6/27/18: ISTE 2018 Conference, Learner Profile, Backpack and Plan: Helping Discover The Purpose for Learning: Monday 4:30-5:30 (Time/Place may change), Chicago, IL

Access Webinar on Meeting ESSA Guidelines with UDL/Personalized Learning hosted by @EdWeek and sponsored by @itslearning

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Barbara is an author, speaker, podcaster, coach, and change maker who is passionate about transforming teaching and learning. She guides educators with UDL, design thinking, strategic planning, and coaching programs to create learner-centered environments. She takes personal and professional learning deeper by empowering agency for all learners. Barbara is ready to be there for you with…

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