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Barbara offers a wide range of services that includes assessing, visioning, designing, and guiding organizations to meet their goals. Her expertise is that she sees the bigger picture and then makes it clear to all stakeholders. Let Barbara help you facilitate your school or organization design customized, sustainable learning environments that engage learners and empower educators, every step of the way.

Barbara Bray - coach, writer, consultant, learning strategist

Barbara has over twenty years experience as a professional developer who facilitates planning, visioning, adult learning principles, coaching, writing, and design of online communities. She has worked successfully with organizations on both a regional and global scale to personalize learning and design creative learning environments so learners can reach their fullest potential. As part of the planning process, she introduces 21st century skills and how to integrate technology into the design as a way to meet each learner’s individual needs. Barbara is also a writer, speaker and presenter on personalized learning, building learning communities, emerging educational technology resources, playshops, and more.


It is cost effective to bring in a consultant who sees the bigger picture and has the skills to facilitate teachers, administrators, students, and stakeholders to build strategic plans and coaching programs that work. Let Barbara help you:



Barbara understands how to do research on new ideas in education and how teaching and learning is changing. With Barbara’s background as a writer, she can help you:



Barbara has been coaching teachers on-site and online for over twenty years. With her experience and understanding of all learners especially adult learners and the learning process, she can help you:


Presentations and Webinars

Are you looking for speaker who can inspire and build understanding? Have you hoped for a speaker who knows how to facilitate good questions that lead to good discussions? Consider one of these presentations from this list:



Barbara changes how we learn with playshops that range from three hours to one week sessions. Barbara customizes any of the following playshops by planning with your teacher leaders.