Trusting your Social Network

Since Facebook made changes to their privacy issues, users have made some drastic moves like removing themselves from Facebook. Trust is a big concern online. Dan Martell in his study on Flowtown by Pew wrote:

The way that people interact and conduct themselves online is changing, and with the discussion surrounding privacy and social networks escalating in recent weeks, it seems that we have reached a tipping point. Pew Research recently released a study that focuses on individuals’ online identities, which takes into consideration reputation management and what people are really using online social tools for. We decided to highlight the most interesting findings from these reports in the graphic below. Perhaps the most interesting of these findings was that, ” the most visible and engaged Internet users are also most active in limiting the information connected to their names online.”

If you cannot trust your network, then what type of information will you be sharing? How can you trust your network or an online community?

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