rethinking learning – bringing joy, creativity and innovation into learning environments


Are you looking for strategies to engage and motivate kids so they want to learn? Barbara guides you through the design thinking process around authentic and challenging PBL activities that connect learning to the real-world. Book your playshops.


Are you ready to bring joy back to learning and teaching? Learn strategies how to make learning meaningful and relevant by encouraging student voice and choice in learner-centered environments. Book your speaking engagement.


How do you get stakeholders to commit to a shared vision that addresses the real issues in your school community? You can build a culture of learning through coaching and communities of practice. Contact Barbara to facilitate planning.


Is your school or district moving to learner-centered environments but not sure how to transform teaching practice. You may be wondering how kids can meet standards, cover the curriculum, and still be creative. Schedule a webinar or interview.


Are you looking for someone to write a guest post, an article or a book about change, transforming teaching and learning, ESSA and learner-centered teaching, DOK, design thinking or maybe you have a topic? Barbara is passionate about writing.

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Barbara has been focusing on project-based learning and creating learner-centered environments for over 25 years. She is an author, builds coaching programs, and facilitates change. Read more…

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