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Project-Based Learning

Create an inquiry-based learning environment where learners own their learning, are proud of what they designed, and learn the skills they need to become global digital citizens. Redesign your curriculum and learning environment so it is engaging and relevant to the real world.

Personalized Learning Chart

What is Personalized Learning? Kathleen McClaskey and Barbara Bray developed a chart comparing Personalization vs Differentiation vs Individualization, a report, and Stages for Personalizing Learning that you can download for free. Read More


Set up Playshops where you and your teachers participate as learners learning the concepts while creating a project. Playing makes it fun. Design project-based activities that engage and motivate your learners.

Professional and Personal Learning Communities

Become effective facilitators, role models, and "guides on the side" that learners need. Use social media to develop your Personal Learning Network for your own professional learning.

Technology and Curriculum Integration

Use technology tools transparently and design activities so you and your learners can easily collaborate, communicate, create, and publish to the world. Learn how to use and choose the appropriate tools as you design real-world activities with your learners.

Theme-Based Activities

Design thematic projects across the school where everyone in the school community is involved and motivated. Create an amazing place where everyone and everything is transformed into that theme. Learn the concepts you need to learn in a whole new way!

rethinking learning - bringing joy, creativity and innovation into learning environments

Personalize Learning

Not sure how to engage your students in the learning process? Contact Barbara to learn how to transform teaching and learning so your students take charge of their learning.


Looking for strategies to motivate students and inspire teachers? Barbara is available to help you design creative environments that develop successful global citizens.

Free Learning Chart

Personalization v Differentiation v Individualization V2